About Weesta

Weesta founded by Annie George in the year 1999 is a result of her hard work, for livelihood and survival. Since its humble beginnings, Weesta has earned its credibility as a leading manufacturer. Then as now, the guiding principle was to offer beautiful and well-made undergarments whose comfort and support improved the quality of life of women. Currently, after 25 years Weesta has well over 250 employees working tirelessly to craft comfort and quality - all day long, all life long. Weesta is available at all leading garment stores across Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. Over the years, we have been touched by thousands of women that shop online and visit our stores, women who have allowed us to make a difference in their lives. No matter what shape or size we are, we all have a beauty that deserves to be expressed. Every day is an opportunity for us to make a difference in the way somebody looks in the mirror and feels in their own skin.

About Weesta

Our Vision

At Weesta, our passion is lingerie! We live to make bras and briefs that are ultra-comfortable, ridiculously affordable, easy to buy, and gorgeous. When we set out to build this brand, we set out to solve a problem. We knew that buying bras could not only be costly, time-consuming and often uncomfortable for many women but that all too often women ended up with a badly fitting bra. So, we set out to change the entire experience. Our vision is to be a comfortable partner for you in the whole south India.


Our Mission

At Weesta we're on a mission to lift each other up. Quality, affordable innerwear to fit your everyday life, through all its changes. No matter what shape or size you are, you owe it to yourself to look and feel beautiful.